Iam Sumi Yoon who is from Tokyo Japan and currently based in Berlin Germany. Also behind my gins are from South Korea. I was working with the Music industry and e-Commerce, after that built own company in Japan. After 6years, I realized that I should enjoy now! Traveled more than 30 countries and 100cities.
Stopped own company and learning new skills and creating new own life in Germany.

Lots of business ideas / new creativity make me massive passion and my happiness. Nowadays, my passion is creating videography for music and Fashion industry. 2019, I will create Music Video and Fashion show videography at least. And I will build own company, creative Video, and photos, in Berlin Germany too. Also, I am keen on volunteering to help Homeless people. Now is time to start to help other people.

I would like to join new your ideas and any passion you have. Anytime, I am happy to hear about.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, I will reply 48hours business time.

Believe what you want to be. Keep talking to people about your dreams. All feelings come from your brain, so you can change whatever you want to feel. Don’t forget how lucky you are, Tell thankful to your all people who you know. SUMIYOON